September 27, 2021 | by: Michelle Roy

How To Get Through The Afternoon Slump!

How To Get Through The Afternoon Slump!

Because we’ve all been there…the afternoon slumps are the worst!! Besides coffee, how do you get through it?  Here are what the experts say:

✓ Drink some water: Dehydration makes us tired, and when at work, we often forget to hydrate while sitting or staring at screens all day.
✓ Turn up the lights or get outside: Research says that more intense light can improve feelings of alertness and vitality. Outdoor light is even more effective.
✓ Take a power nap: Try taking a little time to rest so you can finish your day strong. But don’t make it longer than an hour, because it’ll cause problems sleeping at night.
✓ Talk with someone: Schedule conversations that can perk you up in the afternoon, and save solo focused work for the morning.
✓ Have a fun, motivating snack: Brain foods like broccoli, grains, lentils and eggs can help boost concentration when you need it most.
✓ Make time for a nourishing activity: It could be listening to music, stretching, a small walk or short meditation. Find something that refreshes you.

Source: HuffPost