October 21, 2020 | by: Michelle Roy

99.3 The River News—-Oct 21st, 2020






While it waits for committments from the province and Ottawa on a new multi-plex, Miramichi city council is including money in next years budget for prep work.

The Leader reports councillors voted to include a million dollars in capital spending in the 2021 budget for site design, a geotechnical investigation and water and sewer work for the site northwest of the WalMart off Douglastown Blvd.

The proposed $60-million multiplex would replace the Lord Beaverbrook Arena, Golden Hawk and Lindon Rec Centres as well as Miramichi Valley High School pool….but the city is still waiting for the federal and provincial goverments to commit $44 million for the project.





The province’s Auditor General has released a highly critical report calling for a major overhaul of ambulance servce in New Brusnwick.

Kim Adair-MacPherson says the provnce’s contract with Medavie Health Services excuses questionable payments,  poorly defined performance measures and permits the excessive use of exemptions for not meeting response times.

Adair-MacPherson says those exemptions, which she found were often invalid and disportionately affected rural areas,  were used 5,500 times over the past two years alone. She says the abuse of those exemptions allowed Medavie to claim it had met performance targets which got it additional money from the province.

The Auditor General is now calling for sweeping changes to the board and governing structure of Ambulance New Brunswick as well as the legislative framework of its deal with the province.





With the pandemic stretching on shortages of certain items are expected to continue with applicances possibly next on the list..

UNB marketing professor Shelley Rinehart tells CBC questions about the supply chain have persisted since the early days of the pandemic as we saw shortages for toilet paper and yeast.

Now… renovation materials and luxury items are hard to come by with Rinehart saying as winter sets in she expects those trends will shift to kitchen applicances and cooking ingredients.

The professor says when one piece of the chain such as a trucking company or processor has a confirmed case of COVID-19 it disrupts the system causing the shortage.





No new cases of COVID-19 reported yesterday in New Brusnwick which is a welcome relief.

More good news as well as eight previous cases have recovered meaning the active case count in the province has dipped below a hundred to 95.

Moncton is still on targed to go back to the yellow phase tomorrow with 39 cases present in that area… 54 still remain in the Cambpellton area.

Schools in the Restigouche area continue to report cases though as Dalhouse Regional High School has reported a new case causing grade 9-12 students to go to virtual learning.

Nationally we added over 22-hundred new cases yesterday as Ontario and Alberta are reporting their highest active case counts since the pandemic began… across Canada we have over 22-thousand active.





The pressure is on the New Democrats to make a crucial decision — side with the Trudeau Government or the other Opposition parties adbring down the minority government.

At issue is a Conservative motion which would create a special House of Commons committee to probe allegations of corrupt spending in COVID-19 programs.

The Liberals say the move essentially means the opposition has no confidence in the government and an election should be held.

The Bloc Quebecois has said it will support the Conservatives. Green M-P Elizabeth May is accusing the Tories of chasing headlines