UNB criticized for response to tweet about no storm closure

By MNN. Last updated: 2017-02-17 03:56:36

UNB is under fire for its response to a student who wondered why it wasn't closed during yesterday's storm. Paige Kynock tweeted about that and tagged UNB, St. Thomas and NBCC. The university's response was a picture of a crying child - Boo from the movie Monsters Inc. People have called that unprofessional.

Province thinks CETA trade deal is good for NB

By MNN. Last updated: 2017-02-17 03:56:10

The Gallant government is happy with what CETA could mean for New Brunswick. The Canada-European Union free-trade deal would make 99% of EU tariffs duty-free, where only 25% are now for Canadian goods. New Brunswick's main European exports are fish and seafood, forestry, and metal and mineral products.

Fredericton hospital employee to get job back after being fired while incarcerated

By MNN. Last updated: 2017-02-17 03:55:47

A Fredericton hospital employee who was fired after missing work while in prison has been ordered his job back. Paul Lynch missed over a month and couldn't tell his bosses at Doctor Everett Chalmers why he was AWOL. The hospital fired him by mail, even though it heard rumours he was jailed.

Ellen's Law tabled in Legislature

By MNN. Last updated: 2017-02-17 03:54:45

Ellen's Law has been tabled in the Legislature. The Motor Vehicle Act amendment would ensure vehicles passing cyclists stay at least a metre away. Not doing so would result in a fine of $172.50 and three demerit points. The amendment is named for cyclist Ellen Watters, who was killed in December after being hit outside Sussex.

Miramichi police holding "Miramichi Drug Trend" presentations

By MNN. Last updated: 2017-02-17 03:53:44

The Miramichi Police Force is hosting "Miramichi Drug Trend" public presentations. They'll be Monday the 27th at James M. Hill High School, and Thursday March 2nd at Miramichi Valley High School. Both start at 6:30, and focus on how we can work together to prevent drug use.

O'Donnell admits to weapons charges

By MNN. Last updated: 2017-02-17 03:53:18

Joseph Garrick O'Donnell has changed his pleas to guilty on multiple charges. The 58-year-old Miramichi man admitted to pointing and careless use of a firearm, and possessing a restricted weapon without a licence. Other charges were withdrawn in exchange over last February's incident at a Wellington Street home. He'll be sentenced on the 28th.

Atlantic Chamber of Commerce's "Ten Ways to Build a Canada That Wins"

By MNN. Last updated: 2017-02-17 02:30:11

The Atlantic Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the Canadian Chamber, has identified Ten Ways to Build a Canada That Wins. They include fighting global protectionism, building digital skills to compete in the new talent economy, building Canada's brand and encouraging investment by cutting the cost of doing business in Canada. You can read more here:


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