August 27, 2019 | by: Michelle Roy





A rash of thefts and other crimes in Miramichi in recent months is being
blamed on drugs.

Police and a recent consultant’s report both indicated the petty crimes and
thefts in the city can be linked to hard drug use and specifically the
resurgence of methamphetamine in Miramichi. The Leader reports the recent
consultant’s report by Alphonse MacNeil confirmed meth has rebounded as the
drug of choice in this area, resulting in thefts and highly unpredictable
situations that police have to respond to.

The report did offer a number of recommendations, including creation of a new
street crime unit to include a community services officer to work with local
stakeholders on finding solutions.


DFO is working on plan with other local stakeholders after the presence of
small mouth bass was confirmed in the Upper Miramichi.

Unlike native striped bass, small mouth bass are a invasive species. The
Leader reports the aggressive fish had previously been introduced illegally to
Miramichi Lake and fish barriers were put in place to keep them from
spreading throughout the watershed. Local groups have been asking DFO to
destroy the existing bass population in the lake for years. It’s unclear if
the small mouth confirmed last week near McKeil Brook had escaped from the
lake or came from somewhere else, but if they ever establish themselves in
the river it would pose a serious risk to salmon.


Ottawa is looking to the private sector for help with icebreaking duties
around here.

Starting this winter, the Coast Guard will be allowed to call up third party
icebreakers on an as-needed basis to open local harbours for passage by
fishing boats. Similar arrangements are already in place on the St. Lawrence
Seaway and on the Great Lakes – but in Northern New Brunswick especially
boats were often at the mercy of whenever the coast guard could break them

Acadie Bathurst MP Serge Cormier says it’s important to allow fishing
activities to start as early as possible while maintaining the safety of
fishers as a priority.



Canada is reaping the benefits of China’s tariffs on American lobster.

China, a huge and growing customer for the premium seafood item, placed heavy
tariffs on U-S lobsters last July amid rising trade hostilities between the
two countries.

Since then, U-S exports of lobster to China have fallen to about one-million
kilograms, down from more than five-million.

Meanwhile, business is booming in Canada, where cargo planes are coming to
Halifax and Moncton to handle a bump in exports.


The Group of Seven nations is pledging tens of millions of dollars to help
fight raging wildfires in the Amazon and protect its rainforest.

The international pledge at the G-7 summit in France includes 20-million
dollars from the group.

Canada is also sending 15-million dollars and offering to dispatch
water-bombing firefighting planes to Brazil.

Earth Alliance, a new environmental foundation backed by Leonardo DiCaprio,
is pledging five-million-dollars in aid, saying the Amazon is one of the
”best defences” against climate change.

Carbon Tax  (wire

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna says the Liberals have “no secret
agenda” to increase the cost of the national carbon tax.

But Conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre isn’t buying it. He says
McKenna’s words show the Liberals want to raise the carbon tax, while his
party, if elected, would kill the levy.

McKenna says the Conservatives have no real plans of their own, adding ”they
don’t understand” that action on climate change is needed.


Storm coming

There’s a storm coming up the coast with some tropical moisture.

Environment Canada says right now it’s just a tropical depression not a named
storm…but it could intensify by the time it gets here Thursday and Friday.

Environment Canada says it’s still too far away to predict impacts because
the track could shift. But it will likely be mainly a rain event….windy but
not a lot of it. Still the winds could cause power outages and minor damage,
given that trees are still in full leaf. It’s the rain we will have to watch
out for….could be up to 100 mm or more in some places.


A quiet night on the diamonds. The Blue jays and Red Sox were off. The
Yankees clipped the Mariners 5-4 in Seattle.

A quick exit for Quebec’s Eugenie Bouchard at the U-S Open, falling in
straight sets to 11th-seed Anastasija Sevastova (an-uh-STAY’-zhuh
sev-ah-STOH’-vuh). Roger Federer and Serena Williams easily won their first
round matches.