August 28, 2019 | by: Michelle Roy





The 2019 national senior baseball champs will be holding their celebration
parade today.

The Ironmen Celebration parade will set out at 6:00 this evening from Ironmen
field, complete a loop around town – and return to the field where they
claimed the national title Sunday.

The New Brunswick Senior baseball League has also announced that Ironmen
standouts Robert Gallant and Jake Cook have been named 2019 all stars. Sam
Lund of the Moncton Fisher Cats was named league MVP…Lund also played a
pivotal role on the mound in Sunday’s title game after the Ironmen added him
to their roster for the nationals.

Hockeyville tickets

The organizers of the Renous Hockeyville game coming to the KC Irving
Regional Centre in Bathurst next month have figured out how tickets will be

Jennifer Hallihan tells the Leader they want to include as many young people
as possible so they have posted the rules on the We Are Renous Hockeyville
facebook page. Each youth hockey player and high school player registered in
the past season in Renous will be eligilble for two tickets. Each member of
the arena’s board of directors will also get two tickets each.

Parents can sign their kids up until Friday at the Rec Center on Young Street
and again September 2nd and 3rd. Members of the general public can also
register for a lottery for the remaining tickets.


The ropeless trap technology for the snow crab fishery in the Gulf designed
to help protect right whales isn’t going over well with its users.

CBC reports the technology holds the rope in a bag on the bottom, crews then
send a signal to release the rope that floats to the surface.

After one round of testing, fishers had several issues including the time it
takes for the rope to float to the surface and how difficult reloading the
rope bag is. Robert Haché, director general of the Acadian Crabbers
Association, says fishers aren’t sold on ropeless until it improves and will
turn to other protection devices such as lighter traps and weaker ropes.



Three days of hearings on the Higgs government’s plan to make vaccinations
for school children mandatory are underway in Fredericton.

The Tory government wants the vaccinations to be mandatory for all schools
and daycares unless a child has a medical exemption.

Education Minister Dominic Cardy delivered the opening address at the
hearings and cautioned the committee about the false information being
spread by anti-vaxxers and debunked arguments passed off as science used by
those opposed to vaccinations.

Cardy says getting vaccinated is safer than not getting vaccinated – and says
un-vaccinated kids put children with auto immune disorder who cant be
vaccinated for medical reasons at risk.


New Brunswick hopes to increase the number of immigrants arriving in the
province to 75-hundred a year by 2024.

That would triple the current number of arrivals.

The goal is included in a five-year strategy released today.

The strategy is also aimed at getting newcomers to stay in the province,
targeting a one-year retention rate of 85 per cent by 2024.