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October 11, 2017 | by: johnoshea



Miramichi has submitted its prioitized list of top infrastructure projects
for provincial funding. The annual submission provides a 5-year-plan of
infrastructure work the city wants provincial help with. The Leader reports
that a plan to widen and reconfigure the intersection of the King George
Highway and Newcastle Boulevard tops the list. The repaving of a section of
route 126, from Ray Barrieau Lane to Islandview was second on the list after
being billed as the top priority in last year’s submission.


Over $800,000 Owed in City Water Bills

The city wants you to pay your water bill.

City council got an update from the director of finance at its last meeting
who said Miramichi’s overall financial health is good, showing a small
surplus of $1,000 for this fiscal year so far. But the Leader reports Darlene
O’Shea pointed out the city is owed $883,000 in outstanding water bills.
O’Shea said the city is working with residential users to get them back in
good standing.



Sears is going out of business.

The giant retailer just can’t compete anymore and has announced it is seeking
approval to close its 130 remaining stores across Canada….after dozens were
shut down last month. Sears Canada is asking for court approval to liquidate
its remaining stores and assets. You can expect the going out of business
sales to begin as early as next week.

More than 200 people will be out of a job in its remaining stores in Dieppe
and Fredericton. There are also 380 call centre jobs in Saint John and


The province has unveiled the next generation of driver’s licences for New
Brunswick. The new licence and photo ID card contains enhanced security
features aimed at making forgeries and identity theft more difficult. The new
licence featurs the provincial flower purple violet and raised text. It also
uses ploycarbonate material to prevent tampering and make the cards last
longer. The new licence cards will be issued after November 22nd but your old
one’s are still good until they expire.


A Lakeville man has been arrested in a break in at a gun shop in McAdam.

A heavy police presence responded to an alarm at ‘The Gun Dealer’ around
4:00am Monday morning. Several suspects fled in a vehicle and on foot into
the woods.

A 29-year-old man was arrested in a wooded area behind the store a short time
later…and the Mounties are still looking for two others. They say it
doesn’t appear as if the would-be crooks got away with any guns, but they did
take some ammunition and a gun case.


A new campaign is trying to inspire acts of kindness in New Brunswick.

The initiative _ called Small Acts, Big Impact _ asks people in the province
to do a small, voluntary act to help overcome poverty.

It is being led by the Economic and Social Inclusion Corporation and runs
through October.

Organizers say people can do things like read to a child, join a food box
program or volunteer for a ride-sharing program.


The Timberwolves beat the Bearcats in Truro 4-1.

The Blackhawks spoiled the Canadiens homeopener by beating Montreal 3-1.
Ottawa outshot Vancouver 3-2.

The Raptors beat the Pistons 116-94 in NBA pre-season action

JMH Girls Varsity Soccer team take Campbellton this afternoon at the new turf, 4:30.

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