June 4, 2019 | by: johnoshea

99.3 The River News – June 4, 2019



A man from Dundee has been sentenced to life in prison for stabbing his wife
and then burning her body in the summer of 2018.

56 year old Gille Moreau was sentenced in Campbellton Provincial Court on
Monday after he plead guilty back in April to second degree murder of
54-year-old Brigitte Pelletier.

In a statement to the court Pelletier’s sisters say they will never forgive
Moreau for stealing their sister reports CBC.

Moreau will be able to apply for parole in 15 years.


Public Health says nearly 500 students and staff at Hampton High School
received the measles vaccine at the special clinic on Sunday reports CBC.

The clinic became necessary after a 12th person was confirmed with the highly
contagious respitory desiese and was linked to Hampton High.

Officials say, if the MMR vaccine is administered within 72 hours of possible
exposure, it can provide retroactive protection.

Public Health is reserving its vaccine supply for those most at risk during
the outbreak including infants and people who have had direct contact with
somebody with measles.


If you drive a big rig, be prepared to be pulled over this week on New
Brunswick highways.

Public Safety enforcement officers are conducting International Roadcheck
2019 looking for a variety of safety violations on commercial vehicles.

Enforcement activities will take place throughout the province, with special
attention given to the Salisbury inspection facilities near Moncton.

Other participating agencies include the RCMP and municipal police forces.


The opposition Liberals say the 265 million dollar capital budget cuts
earlier this year by the Higgs government could cost the New Brunswick
construction industry 1000 jobs.

According to the Telegraph Journal opposition leader Denis Landry raised the
point during question period last week. Landry says he’s been hearing from
contractors that don’t know how to plan for the season.

Premier Higgs says he doubts the job losses and even if it does happen shows
that buying jobs with taxpayers money is not a way forward.

The industry responded by saying the up and down, yo-yo like budgets need
to stop. The industry needs certainty.


The New Brunswick government says the release of the final report of the
National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls is the
first step to building a safer future for all women and girls.

Provincial Aboriginal Affairs Minister Jake Stewart attended the ceremony in
Gatineau, Quebec where the report was officially released yesterday.

The report calls violence against Indigenous women and girls a crisis and
makes more than 200 recommendations to multiple levels of government.

Stewart says in a statement that the province will review the report to
determine how to best support the needs of Indigenous communities and the
family members who shared their personal pain to bring about change.


Two travellers from the U-S are facing charges after the Canada Border
Services Agency used a sniffer dog to find 2.5 kilograms of cannabis in a
vehicle entering the country at the Woodstock port of entry May 26th.

The two suspects were turned over to the R-C-M-P and charged under the
Cannabis Act with possession for the purpose of selling, and unlawful
possession for importation. The agency says there have been 72 seizures of
cannabis since January in the Atlantic region.



Maritimers came together this weekend and raised over 6.7 million dollars for
the IWK Health Center.

The 35th edition of the annual telethon had locations in Halifax, Sydney,
Saint John, and Charlottetown.

Jennifer Gillivan, president and CEO of the IWK Foundation tells CTV
Maritimers give generously because they want to be there for children.

This year, the money raised will help the IWK Health Centre purchase
equipment, including new smart beds for the inpatient unit.



Federal International Trade Minister Jim Carr says a European Union plan to
set up a proxy version of the World Trade Organization’s dispute-settlement
body as merit and deserves further examination.

The U-S is blocking appointments to fill vacancies at the Appellate Body,
which could lead to it being shut down.

President Donald Trump has called the Geneva-based W-T-O as a disaster for
the U-S.


Ryan O’Reilly scored twice as the Blues beat the Bruins 4-2 to tie the
Stanley Cup final at two games apiece.