July 3, 2019 | by: johnoshea

99.3 The River News – July 3, 2019


Slow Down in Construction Zones

The city is urging drivers to slow down at construction sites. Road work
season is well underway and some city councillors don’t like what they’ve
been seeing, according to the Leader.

Councillor Tom King said he has witnessed drivers ignoring flag crews and
speeding through construction zones on more than one occasion. With a lot of
work underway on various streets this summer, King says it’s imperative that
people be patient behind the wheel and respect the rules of the road, saying
there are a lot of bad drivers out there not following the rules and
endangering the lives of the flag people, causing accidents and near misses.



Three men with a cube van full of stolen lobster from PEI were arrested by
RCMP near Shediac (NB) late last week.

Last Thursday morning a Break and Enter was reported from the LOL Seafood
Storage Facility in Murray Harbour (PEI).

The suspects made off with 48 crates of lobster valued at more than
25-thousand dollars.

A few hours later RCMP approached a broken down van and a truck that
appeared to be travelling with it near Shediac.

The Officers noted the van wasn’t legal and contained a large quantity of
inproperly stored lobster.

Three men from the Charlottetown area were arrested and DFO assisted in
having the lobster properly stored and returned to the company in PEI.


RCMP say the driver of motorcycle injured in a two vehicle crash last week in
Oromocto has died.

Police say on June 24th, the 28-year-old man’s motrocycle collided with a car
travelling the opposite direction when the car attempted to turn.

The bike’s driver was taken to hospital and RCMP say the man has since died
of his injuries.


After the Ontario Court of Appeals stated the federal carbon tax is
constitutional and within the authority of the federal government, Premier
Blaine Higgs reacted.

In a release Higgs says he is disappointed by the ruling, but stated his
government remains consistent in its belief the federal carbon tax is unfair
and will negatively effect New Brunswick.

The Premier goes on to say they anticipate the ruling will go to the Supreme
Court of Canada and the province is committed to seeing the matter through to
the end.

The ruling effectively blocks the governments own carbon measures plan,
forcing the province to use the federal Liberal’s imposed carbon tax.



The cool, wet spring has delayed an early summertime treat…fresh

Farmer Christian Michaud of Bouctouche says the berries are now a few weeks
behind schedule. He says some of his crops have barely budged in growth for
over a week now, and customers hoping for fresh local fruits and vegetables
are going to have to wait.

U-pick farm owner Jean Francois Michaud says the problem is simply “no


Scientists and researchers have completed tests on the body of right whale
that was spotted off the Gaspe Peninsula last week.

The necropsy on the whale known as Clipper was completed yesterday and it
died from blunt trauma, likely from a ship strike. Clipper was the sixth
endangered North Atlantic right whale found dead in Canadian waters this

Officials and potential rescuers are waiting for conditions to improve before
deciding what they can do to help another right whale spotted in the Gulf
entangled in fishing gear off Micou Island on the weekend.


Federal officials and potential rescuers are waiting for conditions to improve
before deciding what they can do to help an entangled right whale in the Gulf
of St. Lawrence.

Following the deaths of six of the endangered mammals in June, a seventh was
spotted entangled in rope but still able to swim near Miscou Island over the

The Campobello Whale Rescue Team is now waiting for weather conditions to
improve before heading out on the water to determine what they can do to help
the whale. The team has successfully freed dozens of whales in the past, but
the job is considered extremely dangerous. One of their members, Joe Howlett,
died in 2017 when he was crushed by a whale they were working to free.


The Red Sox beat the Blue Jays 10-6 in Toronto. Mets beat the Yankees 4-2 on
a strange final out involving a bobbled foul tip and it ended the Yankees
record home run streak.