July 24, 2018 | by: johnoshea

99.3 The River News – July 24/18



A lot of people were tossing and turning all night not sleeping well because
of the heat….and there’s no relief in sight until the end of the
week….and even then not much.

Environment Canada has issued heat warnings for New Brunswick saying it could
feel like the mid to upper 30’s with the humidex for the next few days
because of a warm and humid airmass moving in from the eastern seabord of the

Those at greater risk include young children, pregnant women, elderly people,
people with chronic illnesses and people working outdoors.



The deer population in much of northern New Brunswick continues to be too low
to support a hunting season, despite an increase in the number of permits
across the province.

The province will issue an additional 1,300 permits, up to 3,400 for the fall
hunting season.

But Wildlife Management Zones 4, 5 and 9; closed in 1993 and have never

The zones include Kedgwick, Campbellton, Dalhousie, Bathurst and the
northeastern tip of the Acadian Peninsula.


Students from Eel Ground and Esgenoopetitj (esk-en-oh-bed-eeshk) First
Nations will be learning how to weld this summer through a new government

The Education and Early Childhood Development department has teamed up with
the Canadian Welding Bureau to send about 25 students to camp at their Mind
over Metal Camp. The students will learn about basic welding and fabrication
skills along with safety. The government says it’s part of a plan to better
prepare young people for the future.


Boat Club Funding

The three levels of government are providing funds for some major upgrades at
the Miramichi Boating and Yacht Club.

The province is providing $73,000 for the facility on Marina Drive in
Douglastown while Ottawa is putting in $90,000 and the city $50,000.

Joey MacDonald, commodore of the club, told the Leader the club is also
putting up $23,000 to $25,000 of its own money towards the repairs, pointing
out recreational boating in the area is growing every year.



New Brunswick has launched a national search for its next commissioner of
official languages.

The province says a selection committee has been set up to identify qualified
candidates and to submit a list of them to the Legislature.

The new commissioner will replace Katherine d’Entremont, who was appointed to
the position in 2013 but has now retired.

The commissioner’s job is to investigate complaints under the Official
Languages Act, to report on and make recommendations on compliance with the
act, and to promote the advancement of both official languages in the



A craft beer group is less than gung-ho about lowering cross-border barriers
when it comes to the price of booze.

Wendy Papadopolous, president of the New Brunswick Craft Alcohol Producers
Association, says coming changes to cross-border alcohol shopping are
positive, but steps should be taken to help small craft alcohol producers
stay competitive.

Papadopolous, a co-owner of Big Tide Brewing Company in Saint John, said
consumers’ pursuit of low prices could hurt local craft brewers.

“If they’re able to cross over into Nova Scotia or into Quebec or into any of
the other provinces that we border and buy craft alcohol or beer at a cheaper
price and bring it home in larger quantities, then it certainly will have an
impact on the producers here.”



Minnesota beat the Jays 8 to 3.

Boston got past Baltimore 5 to 3.

It was Tampa Bay over the Yankees 7 to 6.