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January 12, 2018 | by: johnoshea



Today marks a somber day in the history of Bathurst.

This is the tenth anniversary of the terrible tragedy that claimed the lives
of seven Bathurst High basketball players and their coach’s wife. The team’s
15 passenger van swerved into the path of a tractor trailor in icy conditions
as they returned home from a game in Moncton

The City of Bathurst has declared January 12th to be an official day of
mourning, with flags flying at half mast to remember the ‘Boys in Red’. City
officials have acknowledged the anniversary is a sensitive issue that
re-opens painful wounds that are still fresh in the minds of many despite the
ten years that have passed.


The province has ordered an audit of the BNPP police after critical review of
how the force retains and stores eveidence. The BNPP regional police serve
the communities of Beresford, Nigadoo, Petit-Rocher and Pointe-Verte.

A review of the force discovered a disorganized evidence room with mislabled
and improperly stored exhibits. The review concluded the shortcomings could
place criminal trials that rely on such evidence at risk.



Two mills in East Saint John were evacuated after odours were reported and
alarms went off.

The Irving Paper Mill on Bayside and nearby Irving Wallboard plant were
evacuated around 8:30 Wednesday evening.

Officials conducted tests and determined the mills to be safe.



A different salt is baing spread on Moncton streets these days after
complaints about ineffective salt and icy streets in recent weeks.

Moncton has brought in 800 tonnes of salt from the K+S Windsor Salt mine in
Pugwash to replace the salt it was getting from the Magdalene Islands.

This is the first year they have been using these new salt sources after
formally getting salt from the potash mines near Sussex for years. It’s
taking awhile to see how this new salt reacts which is different from the
previous stuff.



The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has added to its recall list because the
products may be infected with bacteria.

Imperial Caviar & Seafood is recalling Imperial Caviar & Seafood brand
Whitefish Roe, and VIP Caviar Club brand Salmon Roe.



Greg McConaghy, the president of paramedics’ union CUPE Local 48-48, says bad
road conditions prevented several ambulances from immediately responding to
emergency calls during the Christmas Day storm.

He added that they had ambulances off the road in the day, and off the road
at night.

Transportation and Infrastructure Minister Bill Fraser acknowledged the poor
conditions of the roads, but said his government increased the winter
maintenance program’s annual budget by 15 per cent when it took office.



NHL…Flames beat the Lightning 5-1.

Hockey Canada has unveiled the men’s team which will go to the Olympics. It’s
made up mostly of Canadians playing in Europe since the NHL refused to let
its players take part this year.

On the hardwood…the Raptors pounded Cleveland 133-99.

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