February 9, 2021 | by: Michelle Roy

99.3 The River News—-Feb 9th, 2021






New Brunswick is easing restrictions on the two regions under the strictest COVID-19 public health orders.

The Moncton region is moving from red to the orange level, much to the relief of restaurant and other business owners. The Edmundston region is moving to the red level of restrictions after spending 15 days under a lockdown.

The moves come as the Chief Medical Officer of Health reported just two new cases of COVID-19 yesterday…both in the Edmundston region. — the smallest daily increase since New Year’s day. The number of active cases has fallen to 182 with seven people still in hospital…two of them in intensive care.  In Saint John region we’re down to just 3 active cases now.

Despite the easing of restrictions, Dr. Jennifer Russell says it’s clear travel increases the risk of transmission and is urging people to stay home for March break.





Municipal governments across the province are all getting a share of the $28-million in leftover federal cash from ‘Safe Restart Agreement’.

Roughly 43 million in funding was doled out during the first two phases of the provincially-managed prorgam aimed at helping local governments restart their economies during the pandemic. However, 35 municipalities didn’t submit a claim because they didn’t post eligible losses that were big enough. That left $28-million in unclaimed funds.  The province has announced that money would now be paid out to all local governments on a per-capita basis. That equates to… just under a million dollars in unexpected funding for the City of Miramichi.





RCMP say parents need to be more careful of what their children are doing online

Officers have received several reports recently of an individual hosting “online parties” that invite the public into a private chat where they are encouraged to engage in illegal activity. According to CBC, that includes the consumption of drugs or alcohol and they are enticed to perform sexual acts

RCMP say if you are a victim, call your local police. People who have not fallen victim are advised to report the incident to the social media platform directly. They’re also asking parents to learn how young people are using the internet, and teach them about the dangers of posting personal information online.






Public Health officials say an outbreak of COVID-19 at one of the Edmundston seniors homes has been brought under control.

llon Le Royer, following a confirmed COVID-19 case at the facility. However, it was limited to only one case.

All staff and residents of the facility were re-tested several times to confirm the end of the spread through the facility.





An unusally warm winter has a fire chief calling for the removal of Shanties from the ice

In the past two weeks, members of the Charlo Fire department were called four times on reports of fishing shanties floating away. Chief Gaetan Sivret tells CBC – he wants the government to order shanties off the ice.

Last Monday, his firefighters rescued three fishermen who were left stranded.

No one was in the other fishing shacks that floated away.

The province has the power to issue an order or a ticket for the removal of an ice shanty but it’s unlikely to do so.





The second impeachment trial of Donald Trump will begin today in the Senate in Washington.

His lawyers insist he’s not guilty inciting a violent mob at the Capitol last month to overturn the election. Prosecutors say he must be convicted for what they call this “most grievous constitutional crime” even after he’s left the White House.

Some republican senators are expected by experts to vote guilty…but not enough to convict him.






The final Senate vote on the assisted dying bill is set for February 17th.

The agreed date leaves just over a week for the House of Commons to deal with any amendments… And senators have signalled they will be proposing substantial ones.

Bill C-7 would prohibit assisted dying for people suffering solely from mental illness.

A former judge who sits in the Progressive Senate Group says their exclusion is an unconstitutional violation of the right to equal treatment under the law regardless of physical or mental disability