August 13, 2019 | by: johnoshea

99.3 The River News – Aug. 13, 2019



Miramichi Police are warning local businesses after receiving reports of
three fake Canadian 100-bills being passed at different locations in the city
on Monday. Police are encouraging business to be on the look out for
counterfeit currency, especially for larger bill denominations. They’re
advising merchants to closely examine bills and become familiar with security
features, that are mostly contained in the holograms on Canadian currency.


Safe disposal boxes for used needles will soon be going up in public places
around Miramichi. The project to improve public safety is a partnership between
Horizon Health, Aids New Brunswick and the City of Miramchi. Matt Smith,
executive director of AIDS New Brunswick, says not having proper disposal
boxes can cause needles to be discarded in public places. The disposal boxes
are being placed in strategic locations that were determined using data
provided by the Miramichi Police. Those locations include the alley entrance
behind the Scot Bowes building on Loggie Drive; beside the Medicine Shoppe on
Call Street; the corner of Edward and Petrie Streets, the Chatham Head
entrance to the Morrissey Bridge; and the corner of Hill and Wellington
Streets, behind the bus shelter.


Initial plans to have train runs between Campbellton and Moncton have been
put on the shelf for now.

Via Rail tells the Tribune …. they never got the self-propelled diesel
equipment in testing phase as planned and do not anticipate any changes to
the services they offer in the East.

Via also says infrastructure upgrades would have to be done to get the trains
to the speeds on most tracks that would be required to make the service
attractive to customers.

Ted Bartlett of Transport Action Atlantic isn’t surprised by the decision and
says Via should work to get the Ocean run to Montreal back to six days a week
as opposed to the current three.


New Brunswick Liberal leader Kevin Vickers says it’s completely unacceptable
the province is still using a school curriculum developed in 2002 to teach
climate change.

Vickers tweeted that updating the 17-year-old curriculum — which is also
used to teach other environmental topics — should be treated as an emergency
by the Education Department.

He’s calling for special sessions to be held for teachers early in the fall
followed by up-to-date fact sheets, reference material and online information
to supplement teaching in the classroom.

Vickers tweet on the subject comes after a study co-authored by a Ph-D
student at the University of British Columbia that found the province’s
climate change curriculum is the oldest in the country


A Moncton man has admitted to killing another inmate at the Shediac jail last
fall and assaulting a police officer.

The Times and Transcript reports …. 20-year-old Michael Fallon has pleaded
guilty to a reduced charge of manslaughter in the death of 33-year-old
Michael Adam Matchett of Mirammichi.

Fallon was originally charged with second degree murder after Matchett was
beaten at the Southeast Regional Correctional Centre last October and died
weeks later.

Fallon has also pleaded guilty to breaking the nose of one of the arresting
RCMP officers called to the prison.

He’ll be sentenced on September 26th



A local swimming hole in Springfield near the head of Belleisle Bay is
becoming overrun with goldfish.

Swimmer Riley Keenan says the white and calico goldfish at the cuts swimming
hole can be 10 inches or more long.

Graeme Stewart Robertson, executive director of the Atlantic Coastal Action
Program says the fish are likely someones pets that got released and
flourished in the water.

He says when goldfish are released in the wild, they can grow much larger…
sometimes up to a couple of feet.

The fish are sealed in the man made swimming hole, but in other areas the
invasive fish have choked off waterways and even destroyed fish populations.


Two Ships belonging to the Canadian Coast Guard are among those fined by
Transport Canada on Monday for violatimng speed restrictions meant to protect
endangered right whales. Transport Canada sasy six ships in all were finded
for now obeying speed restrictions in the Gulf of St Lawerence. The Coats
Guards Cape Edensaw was fined 6-thousand dollars while teh coats guards
Cap’D’spoir has been fined 12-thousand-dollars. 8 endangered right whales
have been found dead in the gulf so far this year.


The State of Maine is looking to enter into an agreement with New Brunswick
to buy cheaper prescription drugs from the province.

Maine Senate President Troy Jackson tells Brunswick News the state
desperately needs to lessen the burden on its residents by finding cheaper
prescriptions medications.

Price desparities between the two Countries is large… for instance a five
day supply of insulin in Canada costs roughly 32-dollars-american, compared
to 325-dollars in the states.

Jackson feels it could be beneficial to both regions by also lowering
wholesale costs to New Brunswick.

The Higgs government says they have not been in talks with Maine and their
primary concern is protecting the provinces drug supply.



Checking sports…
A bat fest at Rogers Centre last night with the BlueJays hammering the Texas
Rangers 19 to 4.
Meanwhile .. the RedSox lost to Cleveland 6-5.
And … the Yankees won their double header with the Orioles .. 8-5 and 11-8.