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DFO is significantly increasing the bag limit for stripped bass on the
Miramichi River. Fisheries Minsiter Dominc LeBlanc announced today that
recreatinal fisherman will now be able to keep three fish per day, everyday ,
for the upcoming fishing season. Last year the bag limit for stripped bass
was just one per day. The only exceptions will be a few known spawning ground
spots in the river where stripped bass fishing will be temporarily banned for
five days during the height of spawing season.


A pipline carrying propane that caused the evacuation of Max Aitken Academy
in Miramichi last month is being moved off the roof of the school. The weight
of snow caused the pipe on schools roof to leak on March 27th, sending 19
students to hopsital and forcing the evacuation of the school. Mark Donovan,
superintendent for the Anglophone North District, tells the Leader the line
will be taken off the school and rerouted inside the building this summer.


The former cheif Economist of New Brunswick will be coming to Miramichi later
this month to speak about the importance of immigration to the future of
Miramichi economy. The presentation by David Campbell will be followed by a
question and answer period and panel discussions. It takes place Monday,
April 23rd at the Rodd Hotel from 6pm to 830. The presentation is fee of
charge and open to the public.



NB Power’s failure to meet profit targets by a wide margin for three years in
a row came under intense scrutiny at its rate hearing Thursday in Saint John,
but utility executives insist the poor financial results are not a concern.

However, Energy and Utilities Board lawyer Ellen Desmond, questioned the

A major issue is that NB Power had set debt reduction as a major corporate
priority, but has been making slow progress.

Car insurance rates

There could be some drastic increases in car insurance premiums…or the
insurance companies could pull out of theprovince.

New Brunswick Insurance Board CEO Marie-Claude Doucet told Brunswick News
insurers could walk away from the province if rate increase requests are
blocked completely. Doucet was reacting to comments by the province’s
consumer advocate Michele Pelletier who believes the drastic increase
requests are unfair because the industry deliberately failed to ask for
incremental hikes over the last decade.

Doucet said if these big rate hikes are denied, companies have the right to
decide whether they want to write insurance in New Brunswick or whether they
want to pull out.

Teachers Wanted

There are a lot of job openings for teachers around the province.

The NB Teachers Association says there will be 175 openings in Anglophone
schools to fill next year because many teachers are retiring as soon as they
can. Association President George Daley told CBC says the numbers are hireer
than they expected…and also apply to administrators like principals. He
says the demands on teachers and administrators have changed drastically in
the last decade. One of the concerns is what parents post on social media
about what’s going on with their kids at school.



A new study finds that staying up late could have serious health consequences.

Researchers from England’s University of Surrey and Northwestern University
in Chicago found that night owls had a 10 per cent increased risk of death
during the six-and-a-half years of the study.

The lead author says an important message for night owls to take from this is
to be much more vigilant about living a healthy lifestyle.



The Bruins battered the Leafs 5-1 in the opening game of their series.
Predators beat the Avalanche 5-2. Same score Lightning over New Jersey.
Columbus clipped the Capitals 4-3 in overtime. Sharks shut down Anaheim 3-0.

In baseball…the Red Sox beat the Yankees 6-3 with no brawls. Jays were off.

Ontario’s Brooke Henderson is the leader after the first round of the LPGA’s
Lotte Championship in Hawaii.

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